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Interviews, Mentors, Jobs, Network, and More!

"Attracting new candidates and developing our workforce is key to sustaining our growth and innovation," says SEMI president, Ajit Manocha. Talent is a pinch point. In Silicon Valley alone, SEMI members have thousands of open positions, globally more than 10,000. To address this critical issue, SEMI has launched a Workforce Development initiative, of which the SMART Workforce Pavilion is a cornerstone.

With in-depth programming across the spectrum of today’s most advanced technical innovations, it’s the best way to keep up with a world that is rapidly moving Beyond Smart.

    Students can register for FREE to:

    • INTERVIEW onsite for open roles at top microelectronics companies.
    • NETWORK and get connected to an industry mentor.
    • TOUR the show floor and meet companies eager to meet you.
    • WIN prizes (gift cards, iPad, and more).
    • LEARN at the Meet the Experts Theater with industry experts.

    Students and Grads — Put Your Education to Work!

    Time to get real! And the place to do it is the SMART Workforce Pavilion. Here’s where you’ll find the info and access you need to learn all about microelectronics and get your foot in the door.

    A Day-in-the-Life in Our Diverse and Innovative Industry

    Show up at the Meet the Experts Theater and hear working pros describe what life is like on the cutting edge of technical innovation and get tips on pursuing a career. You can even get a guided tour of the Expo with a professional engineer.

    Get Here—Let Us Help You Get Down to Business

    Here's everything you need to get started: Tips on resumes and interviewing from career coaches, networking with potential employers, and applying for entry-level positions at top companies. Real jobs to kick-start your career!

    To Mentor or Mentee? Why Not Both?

    Attention working pros: We need to attract the best and the brightest talent to keep up our record-breaking growth! Here’s your chance: Come learn about our new mentor program and network with potential next-generation talent interested in joining our SMART Workforce. Sign up today and help empower our future success!

    College Students: Find a mentor and get in the game!