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Best of West Winner

Edwards Vacuum Advanced Fab Robot Wins Best of West Award at
Virtual SEMICON West


The Edwards Service Vehicle X (ESV-X) concept automated mobile robot (AMR) – a reimagining of the semiconductor environment that features groundbreaking ground-up lifting and self-loading capabilities – today won the Best of West Award at the Virtual SEMICON West 2020. Edwards Vacuum, maker of the AMR, is a leading developer and manufacturer of sophisticated vacuum products, abatement solutions and related value-added services. 

Presented annually by SEMI and Semiconductor Digest, the Best of West award recognizes innovative new products or services that significantly advance the electronics manufacturing supply chain or a particular manufacturing capability. The ESV-X loads equipment without human intervention and autonomously delivers it to work locations within a semiconductor factory to minimize scheduled and unplanned downtime and the need for other transportation equipment while increasing customer safety. The ESV-X also frees technicians to focus on more strategic work.




Advanced Energy: eVoS™LE

Best of West Finalists

A unigue technology that enables tightly targeted ion energy control, essential for precise processing of advanced etch and deposition applications used to create leading-edge device features at 5nm and below. Providing an alternative to conventional sinusoidal RF bias plasma power, that uses complex multi-frequency systems, eVoS produces customized narrow ion energy distributions in a singular solution.


Flexciton: Wafer Fab Scheduling Software

Best of West Finalists

The scheduling software provides near-optimal fab plans with fast solution times and seeks to bridge the gap between heuristic and pure-optimization approaches. A hybrid-optimization model based on mixed-integer linear programming (MILP) employs advanced exact and approximate decomposition techniques and is able to significantly reduce the problem complexity, yet retain near-optimality.


SPTS Technologies Limited: Ascent™

Best of West Finalists

This end-point detection technology is a novel method to monitor the progress of a SiC via etch to a GaN base layer. Launched earlier this year, it has been well received by the leading RF device manufacturers looking to implement process control, increase throughput, and maximize yields in volume production.




“At SEMICON West 2020, scores of companies will be virtually exhibiting leading-edge processes, materials, and technologies to demonstrate how they are helping to reshape electronics and drive the next generation of industry growth “We look forward to recognizing those among the world’s top innovations with the Best of West award.”

Dave Anderson, President, SEMI Americas
The organizer of SEMICON West.

The first time in its 50-year history, SEMICON West occurs in a virtual format. The event continues to feature world-class talent and leading technologies that have come to symbolize the flagship microelectronics annual conference.

Best of West award is presented annually by Semiconductor Digest magazine and SEMI Americas. The Award recognizes innovative new products or services that significantly advance the electronics manufacturing supply chain or a manufacturing capability. New product and service innovations and upgrades, or other improvements to existing products and services, are eligible for the Award.

Semiconductor Digest editors will serve as judges:

Peter Singer, Editor-in-Chief  |  Ed Korczynski  |  Shannon Davis  |   Dave Lammers  |  John Blyler  |  Dick James.