Stephen Renwick, PhD

Director of Imaging Physics
Nikon Research Corporation of America

Dr. Stephen Renwick, PhD has worked on leading-edge lithography for eighteen years, starting with the first ArF scanners in 1996. He has been with Nikon subsidiaries in the US since 2000, and is currently a Senior Research Scientist managing part of the company’s Imaging Solutions Technology Development Group. Steve is a frequent contributor to industry conferences such as SPIE Advanced Lithography and the invitation-only Lithography Workshop. He has published detailed technical papers in conference proceedings as well as introductory articles for non-experts.

At Nikon, Steve has been engaged in critical, leading-edge lithography projects including scanner matching for OPC, detailed CD uniformity studies, advanced illuminator and lens characterization metrology development, and investigations of lithographic extension technologies like directed self-assembly. His work, some patented, currently focuses on the development of imaging solutions to further extend ArF immersion lithography capabilities. Steve holds a PhD in Atomic Physics from Wesleyan University.

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