Ravi Pillarisetty

Senior Research Scientist

hy Ravi Pillarisetty is a Senior Research Scientist working on novel devices in Intel Corporation’s Components Research Division. He joined Intel in 2005 and has worked on a variety of different research topics spanning transistors, memory, and quantum computing. This included serving as the device lead on the research team that created the 22nm node prototype Trigate transistor. For this work he received an Intel Achievement Award, which is the company’s highest honor. Additionally, he has been involved in research on several non-silicon channel materials, including having led Intel’s germanium transistor research program. He is extensively involved in Intel’s external research activities having served as the co-chair of Intel’s Corporate Research Council, which manages Intel’s worldwide external university investments. Additionally, he serves as Intel’s Scientific Advisory Board representative for the NRI and N-CORE SRC research consortia. An avid inventor, he has been granted over 185 patents related to semiconductor technology, and has been recognized as the recipient of Intel’s Technology and Manufacturing Group Inventor of the Year Award. He completed his PhD from Princeton University in 2005, where his thesis focused on low temperature electron physics, and his ScB from Brown University in 1999.

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