Mary Ann Maher


Mary Ann Maher *is the CEO of SoftMEMS LLC. She received her B.S. degree (1982) from Penn State University in Computer Science, and her Ph.D. degree (1989) from Caltech in the area of semiconductor device modeling, developing a new charge-based transistor model. At Caltech, she conducted research in the area of neuromorphic systems, analog circuits, and transistor modeling. She pursued post-doctoral studies at the Swiss Center for Electronics and Microtechnology (CSEM) in Neuchatel, Switzerland, where she studied analog memories and low-power analog ICs with on-chip sensors for artificial vision applications. Joining Tanner Research in 1992, she began the simulation and modeling group and launched Tanner’s T-Spice analog circuit simulator product, the MEMS Pro Microsystems, and MCM Pro multi-chip module and packaging design tool suites. She moved to MEMSCAP in 1999 as an Executive Vice President and became the company’s CTO in 2001. She founded SoftMEMS LLC in 2004 to address the need for co-design tools for systems incorporating MEMS sensors, electronics, and packaging. Her research interests include analog and low power circuits, MEMS, Sensors, IC and packaging design tools and modeling and simulation of physical systems. 

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