Laurent Bonneval

Production Integration Engineer

My name is Laurent Bonneval. I graduated from ESSI (Software Engineering school in France) and from 1996 at the University of Limerick (Ireland). I joined STMicrolectronics Italy & France in 1996 and then Teradyne in 1998. First member of a team dedicated to production software tools, I was in charge to write and maintain dedicated software for worldwide customers. Examples of such software are operator interfaces, data collection, communication drivers for prober & handler equipment. I also became a SECS GEM expert to automate production on our Teradyne platforms. Since 2015 I am deeply engaged to design and develop TEMS on all Teradyne testers. For a year now, I have been taking an active role in the CAST TEMS comittee in order to participate in the creation of the new TEMS Specification.

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