Johanna M. Swan

Intel Fellow, Director of Package Research and Systems Solutions, Components Research
Intel Corporation

Johanna M. Swan is an Intel Fellow and the director of package research and systems solutions in Components Research within Technology Development at Intel Corporation. She leads a multidisciplinary team of researchers charged with developing novel technologies and package architectures to enable continued semiconductor scaling, mm-wave communications at various length scales and differentiating capabilities within packaging, such as in situ accelerometers and sensors.

An expert in advanced electronic packaging technologies, Swan began her Intel career in 2000, focusing initially on packaging solutions for wireless, cellular and memory products. She initiated Intel's through silicon via (TSV) program, where she established the line and process flow to fabricate TSV wafers, prototyped the company's first six-die stack solution, and led research in early TSV architectures. She and her team also developed a stacked-package chip-scale package (CSP) and a mixed-technology CSP. Since assuming her current role in 2006, Swan and her team have pioneered numerous innovative packaging technologies, including a multi-die interconnect silicon bridge and an associated enabling printing solution, which led to Intel's embedded multi-die interconnect bridge.

Before joining Intel, Swan spent 16 years at Lawrence Livermore National Lab (LLNL). She began her engineering career there in 1984 with overall responsibility for the diagnostics hardware used to collect experimental data during underground nuclear testing. Subsequent roles at LLNL included designing and building the final focusing, asymmetric, septum quadrupole magnets used at the Stanford Linear Accelerator, a visible light, phase-shifting diffraction interferometer alignment system for an early extreme ultraviolet lithography projection optics box, and deformable mirrors for wavefront correction used for the atomic vapor, laser isotope separation program.

Swan earned a bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering from Northern Arizona University. She holds approximately 30 patents, with more than 50 additional patents pending, primarily in the field of microelectronic packaging. In 2016, she and her team won an Intel Achievement Award for a breakthrough system-in-package solution for wearable and Internet of Things platforms. Swan was named an Intel Fellow in 2017

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