Dave Huntley

Business Development
PDF Solutions

Dave Huntley was the founder and president of KINESYS Software in 1992.  PDF Solutions acquired Assembly Line Production Supervisor (ALPS) product line from KINESYS Software in 2017.  ALPS is widely used for single device traceability, defect and process tracking in assembly.  Dave continues to be involved with strategic marketing and business development for ALPS and integrating ALPS into the PDF Solutions Exensio product line. 

Dave has been involved with SEMI standards development since 1989 starting with the cluster tool standards that led to the GEM 300 standards suite.  He was co-chairman of the Sort Map task force responsible for the SEMI E142 Specification for Substrate Mapping Standard, approved in 2006, that enables single device tracking through the assembly process steps.   In 2018, Dave was appointed co-chair for the Single Device Traceability task force working on traceability for the supply chain and counterfeit prevention standards. 

Huntley received a first class honours degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from Bristol University, UK.

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