Veeraraghavan S. Basker

Senior Technical Staff Member and Manager, Advanced Device Integration
IBM Research @ Albany Nanotech

Veeraraghavan S. Basker is currently Senior Technical Staff Member and Manager of the Advanced Device Integration group in IBM Research @ Albany Nanotech (ANT). He received his B.S. in Chemical & Electrochemical Engineering from Central Electrochemical Research Institute (CECRI), India in 1999 and his Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering from University of South Carolina in 2003. He joined IBM initially as a post-doc in T. J. Watson research center in 2004 and later joined the device integration team in Albany in 2006. From 2008-2014, he first developed IBM’s SOI FinFET technology in ANT, solving many fundamental issues and later transferred the technology to the East Fishkill (EFK) fab, implementing key performance elements such as SiBCN Low-k spacer. This technology manufactures the processors used in IBM’s Z14 and P9 systems, and powers the world’s premier supercomputer SUMMIT. From 2015 until mid-2017, Basker worked as the primary IBM on-site assignee in GLOBALFOUNDRIES, creating a new business process linking the design, process simulation and parametric extraction to deliver a high confidence Process Design Kit (PDK) for the 7LP technology. After his return to ANT in 2017, Basker was promoted as Senior Technical Staff Member and also as Manager of the Advanced Device Integration team. In this role, Basker leads the DTCO and integration development activities on the Gate-All-Around NanoSheet technology, addressing IBM's unique requirements for future Z and P systems.

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