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Optimization of 5G Over-The-Air Antenna Production Test Interfaces

9:30 am - 10:00 am

The emerging 5G market creates enormous opportunities for the wireless IC industry. Meanwhile, providing OTA test solutions in the new 5G frequency band is recognized as an important requirement. In this paper, a new generation OTA test solution is presented.

The new solution is an improvement. It has a redesigned compact co-planar antenna, which is tuned to radiate in the wide bandwidth of 23-30 GHz with good impedance matches. This feature makes it compatible with frequency spectrum allocations of all major 5G markets. To satisfy the potential higher band allocation in the U.S., a 38-44.5GHz version is also provided. The OTA solution design integrates an antenna with transmission line and WR34 / WR28 / WR22 waveguide. Through a standard 2.92mm RF connector, it can conveniently interface to input and output test signals.

In 5G wireless applications, it has also become necessary to integrate antenna arrays in the RF transceiver module for beam steering purpose. In the new OTA test solution, a much wider radiation beam width is realized so it can radiate uniformly to each element in the DUT’s antenna array. 

The simulation and measurements performed to evaluate this OTA test solution as well as its performance parameter will be presented. 

The problem addressed in topic/presentation: Wireless test of 5g mmWave

Experiments or simulation or case studies covered in the presentation: Antenna design manufacturing and characterization.

Results are covered in the presentation? Measurement, simulation, and correlation of antennas.



Dylan Feng

RF Development Engineer, Cohu