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The SMART MedTech Pavilion features exhibits from materials providers, device manufacturers, and system integrators. Subject matter experts will share their insight into early adoption trends, marketing forecasts, and the electronic transformation of healthcare.

Companies in the electronics supply chain and product developers in medical technology to showcase their expertise and products within this rapidly changing and growing field. From components, devices, and communications to machine learning, diagnostics, and IT systems, semiconductor electronics play a vital role in enabling new applications and health care solutions.

MEMS and sensors are playing an increasingly important role as we move rapidly towards personal and at-home patient care. So too are flexible and printed electronic solutions for small form-factors, lightweight and unobtrusive mobile applications. Innovation and commercial deployment of these technologies in recent years are providing the tipping point now for the realization of smart medical devices and services that will revolutionize healthcare.

The SMART MedTech Pavilion will foster collaboration in the manufacturing ecosystem including materials, equipment, services, and devices, especially the sensors and sensor systems. Hear about new, and innovative products and see application demos. Visit the Meet the Experts Theater to hear and connect with industry experts.





Meet the Experts Theater


Thursday, July 23 | 9:00 am - 11:30 am

2019 Recap