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SMART Manufacturing

Today's explosive growth in data is driving enormous demand for new technologies to analyze and leverage it. Big Data, AI, and other cognitive learning technologies are bringing big opportunities to the electronics industry. See how you can integrate them into your manufacturing processes.

At the SEMICON West SMART Manufacturing Pavilion, you'll experience data-sharing breakthroughs that are creating smarter manufacturing processes, increasing yields and profits, and spurring innovation across the industry.

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One of the rapidly growing fields is the collaboration & integration of semiconductor electronics with medical/healthcare applications focusing on patient-centric infrastructures. Market segments include, but are not limited to, Consumer Medical Electronics, Medical Imaging, Therapy Devices & Portable Health Monitoring promoting the use of 3D Printing, Augmented Reality, Robotics, Surgical Procedures, Implants & Ingestibles. The use of semiconductors in the field of medicine continues to enhance “connected healthcare” applications further to promote monitoring, data sharing, and analysis. It will continue to grow as technological advancements emerge.

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SMART Mobility

New trends and requirements in the automotive industry have been driving the development of a wide range of automotive semiconductors including processors, sensors, memory, and analog ICs. Our experts will discuss the technologies the semiconductor industry is developing to support the automotive industry, as well as other challenges the automotive semiconductor industry will need to consider as they develop their next-generation technologies.

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SMART Workforce

Talent is a pinch point. In Silicon Valley alone, SEMI members have thousands of open positions, globally, more than 10,000. To address this critical issue, SEMI has launched a Workforce Development initiative, of which the SMART Workforce Pavilion is a cornerstone.

Career opportunities in semiconductor manufacturing are vast due to the depth and breadth of the industry. Smart Workforce presenters provide industry insights and tools for what it takes to build a career in microelectronics, including resume building, the importance of networking, and crucial conversations.