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SMART Manufacturing Pavilion

SMART Manufacturing

Today's explosive growth in data is driving enormous demand for new technologies. Here, you'll experience data-sharing breakthroughs that are creating smarter manufacturing processes, increasing yields and profits, and spurring innovation across the industry.

SMART MedTech Pavilion


The SMART MedTech Pavilion features exhibits from materials providers, device manufacturers, and system integrators. Subject matter experts will share their insight into early adoption trends, marketing forecasts, and the electronic transformation of healthcare.

SMART Mobility Pavilion

SMART Mobility

The increase of automotive electronics in electric vehicles, the development of self-driving, autonomous cars, IoT applications, 5G, and Al will boost semiconductor sales. Here's where you can discover opportunities, meet key players, and learn how to capitalize on the explosive growth in demand.

SMART Workforce Pavilion

SMART Workforce

Talent is a pinch point. In Silicon Valley alone, SEMI members have thousands of open positions, globally more than 10,000. To address this critical issue, SEMI has launched a Workforce Development initiative, of which the SMART Workforce Pavilion is a cornerstone.