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Medical Wearables and Point of Care Devices: Toward Innovative Solutions to Meet Healthcare Challenges

9:00 am - 9:30 am

Healthcare is moving towards profound transformation for better performance of medical care while reducing the cost. To reach objectives, healthcare system needs innovative solutions and disruptive technologies placing the patient in a more centric approach. Moreover, the current Covid-19 pandemic situation has strongly impacted healthcare in both positive and negative ways, accelerating projects on a one hand, while affecting production on the other hand.

Remote monitoring and telehealth are key solutions to limit people’s contacts allowing hospitalization to the minimum and avoid related high costs. It is fostering the interest for connected wearable devices and point of care equipment.

A huge amount of data will be created by an increasing number of diagnostic tools for collecting patient vital signs. Sensors are key parts of the diagnostic instruments requiring high sensitivity, reliability and selectivity to reach medical grade. MEMS sensors for healthcare applications are technology of choice to be integrated in medical wearables and point of care instruments, with an expected growth of 9.2% year over year in the next 5 years. 

The presentation will unveil the market trends for medical devices with a focus on medical wearables, as well as the market dynamics at the MEMS sensor level with key technologies trends and related challenges, reinforcing the link between technology and medical world. It will also give updated highlights on the positive and negative impacts of Covid-19 in healthcare sector.

Moderator and Speaker


Heidi Hoffman

Sr. Director, SEMI

Moderator, Welcome/Intro Speaker

Jérôme Mouly

Jérôme Mouly

Senior Technology & Market Analyst and Business Developer, Yole Développement