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[Materials] Moore's Law Enablers

As semiconductor technology proceeds beyond “classical” scaling, novel solutions are explored, allowing for the creation of 3-D structures built at the atomic scale. Such technologies include Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD) and Etching (ALE) and Area Selective Deposition (ASD); corollary techniques are implemented still at an atomic scale to create monolayer masks, using Self Assembled Monolayers (SAM’s) and other novel patterning technologies. In addition, Heterogeneous Integration allows to optimize assembly real estate by chip “stacking”, with innovative schemes for interconnects in the z axis, affording new pathways to packaging, and enabling next-gen technologies, like 5G and IoT.


Atomic Layer Etching: What Can We Learn about Atomic Layer Depostion?

Sumit Agarwal

Colorado School of Mines

Moore's Law Enablers - Session TBD

Richard Wise

Lam Research