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Portable Dual Energy X-ray

Dual energy X-ray techniques have been around for more than 30 years and are well known for their ability to separate and classify materials in contrast to conventional black and white X-rays.  Dual energy X-rays can enable better and more accurate visualization in many applications in the healthcare, veterinary, industrial, security, and scientific imaging fields. However, the most established dual energy methods use dual exposures which give rise to motion artifacts in the resulting X-ray images and require fixed capital intensive infrastructure that occupies expensive real-estate in hospitals, manufacturing plants, airports, and laboratories. 

We have developed the world's only three layer stacked X-ray detector (called Reveal) for portable, single exposure (motion artifact free) dual energy X-ray imaging. Reveal enables excellent spectral separation for material separation and classification, yet it can provide a high dose efficiency conventional X-ray image in a portable and retrofit capable form factor. Akin to the transition from black and white photographic film to color, Reveal will usher in a new era of X-ray diagnostics where conventional black and white X-ray images will be replaced by multi-energy, spectral (i.e false color) X-ray images. The additional spectral data generated from the portable Reveal X-ray detector can better inform artificial intelligence for improved automation in medical screening (e.g. for COVID-19, lung cancer, and tuberculosis) but also for robot-guided surgical interventions.


Karim S

Karim S Karim

CTO, KA Imaging