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[SMART MedTech Pavilion] Health & Medical Electronics Wearables

The “World of Electronic Medical Wearables” is opening the door to many exciting electronics opportunities as the demand for such said products continues to increase. Continuous advancements from physical fitness (steps), vital signs monitoring (heartbeat, pulse, blood pressure), wound healing, smart fabrics, intelligent clothing to diabetes & cardiovascular disease monitoring further promotes the rise of the wearables expansion. The healthcare sector has been noted as a more suitable application for wearable devices as the move towards personalized/patient-centric healthcare continues to grow. The continuous miniaturization of microelectromechanical systems, improved fabrication technologies, advanced packaging techniques, and a robust Supply Chain strategy all play a vital role in the wearables market expansion.


Portable Dual Energy X-ray

Karim S

KA Imaging

Alertgy Technology for Corona Virus Screening

Marc Rippen


Transforming Smart Devices to SMART Med-Tech Devices to Address New COVID-19 Demand

Nitya Verma


The Inflection Point Has Arrived for Remote Patient Monitoring Using Wearable Technology

Steven LeBoeuf