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Research shows that diversity in today’s workplace is a key indicator of company success. Openness to diversity widens our access to the best talent and inclusion allows us to engage talent effectively. Company diversity leads to enhanced innovation, creativity, productivity, reputation, engagement and results. Speakers in this session will discuss their experiences, challenges and best practices that have delivered positive outcomes.

Live Sessions

Diversity & Inclusion

Thursday, July 23 | 10:30 am - 12:30 pm

On-Demand Sessions

Attracting and Retaining a Diverse Workforce

How do you prepare for a 21st century workforce? Talent acquisition and human resource professionals discuss what companies are looking for recruiting the best and the brightest to exciting careers in microelectronics and how to keep them. The session will highlight best practices, including on-boarding programs, and meeting the needs of diverse groups to create a more inclusive workforce.  

  • Presenter: Antoinette Hamilton, Global Head of Inclusion & Diversity, Lam Research


Building a Better Network: Crucial Connections

Research has shown that women are often more hesitant to ask a connection for anything due to concerns about being perceived as opportunistic, or even weak. Women are generally strong collaborators and communicators, but lack of business-related connections leads to fewer opportunities for recognition and promotion. So, how can women build the critical connections which will lead them to succeed? This session will explore the vital role networking plays in the success of women throughout various stages of their careers, as they pursue opportunities and overcome challenges.  

  • Presenter: Amy Leong, Chief Marketing Officer, FormFactor


Diversity Certifications: Eligibility & Benefit

A supplier diversity program is a proactive program that encourages the procurement of goods and services from businesses owned by a diverse cross-section of different groups of people, including (but not limited to) minorities, women, the disabled, the LGBT community, and veterans. A Supplier Diversity commitment benefits a company because it: Promotes innovation through the entrance of new products, services, and solutions. Provides multiple channels from which to procure goods and services. Drives competition (on price and service levels) between the company's existing and potential vendors.

  • Presenter: Ranjani Mohana, President, R Mo Diversity Solutions