Transportation Pavilion: Role of 5G for Smart Transportation

Smart Transportation Pavilion, South Hall Thursday, July 11
10:30am to 12:30pm

5G will create a fabric of connected devices from the omnipresent smartphones, laptops, to city infrastructure, autonomous vehicles, and a myriad of other IoT devices.  The speed, scalability, and capacity from 5G will provide every industry and consumer with easy access to AI at the edge wirelessly and conveniently.  

Moderator: Adrian Koh, Sr. Director, Automotive Business Development, Alpha & Omega Semiconductor


  • Rahul Vijay, Head of Global Connectivity & Telecom - Relationships &  Sourcing, UBER
  • Jonathan Wood, Sr. Director Ecosystem and Business Development, Advanced Technologies Group, Intel
  • James Misener, Sr. Director, Product Management, Qualcomm
  • Pierre Erasmus, Director Digital Transformation, SAP Ariba
  • Joshua Ness, Sr. Manager, Verizon 5G Labs
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