MEMS Sensors in Smart Transportation

Smart Transportation Pavilion Wednesday, July 10
1:35pm to 2:05pm

Traditional usage of MEMS sensors in automotive markets include sensors for airbag, electronic stability control, tilt angle measurements, roll-over control, TPMS etc. In addition, navigation dead reckoning using inertial sensors have aided traditional GPS for urban canyons, highway ramps and tunnels.

Autonomous vehicles, automotive testing, vibration measurement & monitoring, crash testing, smart parking, driver alertness, safety and monitoring are some of the newer applications that rely on MEMS sensors. Data from a network of sensors used within a vehicle can be further enhanced by intelligent combination of sensor fusion with data available from other sensors inside & outside a vehicle. 
Applications of MEMS sensors in smart transportation are not just limited to usage inside a car. External environmental sensing, weather prediction, pollution management, smart parking, traffic control are some of the applications using MEMS sensors. 

In this presentation, we will discuss some of the applications of MEMS sensors in autonomous vehicles, automotive testing, driver safety and smart transportation. 

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