Oh, Inverted World! New Architectures for Maximizing the Economic Potential of Every Single Byte

TechTALKS Stage South Wednesday, July 10
12:15pm to 12:40pm

In the very near future, the term Data Center will be an oxymoron as the vast majority of data will never be centered, it will live it’s entire information lifecycle at the edge.  Where we program now, we will train tomorrow.  Data is no longer going to be a cost center we try to optimized, it will be the most valuable economic raw material we have.  And all of this is happening while we’ve left Dennard’s Law far behind, Moore’s Law is waning, but Rock’s law is still in full force.  What shifts in architecture should we be preparing for now so that the explosion of data at edge into an explosion of opportunity?  How do we maximize the potential of every single byte everywhere, edge, cloud and core?

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