Future Manufacturing Requirements for Automotive and Photonics Sensing

TechTALKS Stage South Thursday, July 11
11:25am to 11:50am

Photonic applications for 3D sensing, biometric authentication or spectral imaging recently gained much attention and are emerging rapidly by utilizing wafer level optic fabrication. So far sensing in consumer electronics has been mainly dominated by MEMS providing high performance and smallest form factors for a multitude of applications. This has also been enabled by using the fabrication infrastructure of the semiconductor industry and in particular by the implementation of wafer scale fabrication technologies. More recently, 3D sensing for automotive applications such as LIDAR has shifted manufacturing requirements to automotive grade, demanding further enhanced lifetimes, temperature cycling and performance increase compared to consumer devices. Accordingly, wafer level processing for optic devices has to comply with hermetic sealing and dew point control in combination with new technologies coming from micro and diffractive optics. In this presentation, we will provide an overview on crucial manufacturing and integration steps of optical elements, integration with CMOS circuitry in respect to automotive packaging requirements.

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