Enabling the age of a Trillion Sensors

TechTALKS Stage South Thursday, July 11
11:00am to 11:25am

MEMS devices appeared over 20 years ago and today can be found in so many aspects of our daily lives; in our phones, cars, homes, factories and healthcare centers.  Future growth in MEMS is assured as new personal medical devices come online, microphone expansion continues and new combo sensors move into volume production.

SPTS is the global leader in MEMS processing, having been the development partner to Bosch and first company to license the Bosch Si DRIE process in 1995.  In addition to our Si etch systems we have PVD, low temperature PECVD and molecular vapor deposition tools.  This presentation will discuss the challenges of MEMS processing, and look at some of the process solutions for next generation MEMS.

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