Consolidation, Collaboration, Specialization: How Will MEMS Fabs Manage Changing Dynamics

TechTALKS Stage South Thursday, July 11
12:15pm to 12:40pm

Manufacturing MEMS devices has never been an easy game. While semiconductor manufacturing benefits from standard design processes — which reduces manufacturing costs and speeds design-to-delivery — in MEMS, it’s a one product-one process world, making it time-consuming and expensive to bring a new device to market. At the same time, the functional capabilities of MEMS, combined with small-footprint and low-power options, have made MEMS increasingly popular. With that popularity, we are witnessing a Cambrian explosion of device diversity. 
How will the current MEMS manufacturing ecosystem cope with demand, not just for high-volume, lower-cost products such as MEMS microphones but for high-value, lower-volume products such as biomedical devices, IoT products and industrial sensors?
Rogue Valley Microdevices Founder/CEO Jessica Gomez will explore how evolving market dynamics are effecting change in the MEMS industry, as foundries consolidate strengths through acquisition, collaborate with other ecosystem players to stay nimble, or specialize in vertical markets such as biomedical or optical to stay focused. Gomez will also offer field-proven practical advice on navigating the transforming MEMS foundry landscape. 

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