TechTALK: Heterogeneous Integration for the Disruptive Landscape

TechTALKS Stage North Wednesday, July 10
2:00pm to 4:30pm

Our morning session focused on the disruptive electronics system landscape, and we will shift gears slightly for our afternoon session. While continuing the theme of AI at the Gate & Cloud at the Edge, this session will take a closer look at technology innovation and collaboration efforts for System in Package (SiP) through Heterogeneous Integration. Consideration will be given our broad ecosystem from design to manufacturing and materials to equipment, with speakers poised to articulate the innovation and collaboration efforts envisioned to respond to the disruptive market and to realize critical value capture for the systems and products of the future.

There are many emerging technologies considered as potential, cost-effective system integration options, such as fan-out/fan-in, wafer-level, panel-level, embedded substrates, active & passive interposers, silicon bridge, chiplets, and more. This session is designed to bring together experts from different parts of the electronics ecosystem for dialogue and debate on the best possible directions for the future.



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