The Emergence of AI and its Impact on the Semiconductor Industry

TechTALKS Stage South Tuesday, July 09
2:35pm to 2:55pm

Advancements in processing power and improvements in Neural Networks have allowed the emergence of Artificial Intelligence (AI) into the semiconductor market. AI is a catalyst driving an explosion of architectural exploration in the processor market and has the effect of raising the level of intelligence in all types of silicon solutions in the Cloud, at the Edge and in end-point devices. Various forms of AI will have a profound effect on all aspects of the market and impact the world economic engine.

The impacts of AI that will be discussed are:

  • The SoC market and its growth over time?
  • The SIP market and the types of products being offered?
  • The EDA market and design costs?
  • The design start landscape and the number of design starts over time?
  • And, how does the introduction of AI impact the underlying trends that drive our industry?
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