TechTALK: AI at the Gate & Cloud at the Edge

TechTALKS Stage North Wednesday, July 10
10:30am to 12:30pm

Co-hosted by the Electronic Packaging Society (EPS) of IEEE and the SEMI Americas Advanced Packaging Committee 

The electronics industry is serving humanity in unprecedented ways, creating lifestyle, healthcare, transportation, and industrial efficiencies on a global scale. This pattern is not only set to continue, but to dramatically expand through the ascent of artificial intelligence across countless applications, and subsequent migration of big data and data analytics to the cloud. As such, the value-capture in the microelectronics industry is rapidly shifting from Moore’s Law Scaling to Heterogeneous Integration -  chiplets and SiP through Advanced Packaging focusing on systems and market applications. But, how will AI, Cloud and other emerging applications drive innovation in technology and system integration? And how will technology advancements bring about further disruptions in the market?  This session will address these burning questions and shed some light on how our ecosystem must evolve to navigate this vast disruptive market landscape, from high performance computing & data centers, autonomous driving, consumer mobility & 5G with particular focus on system hardware integration and products of the future.

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Li Li
PhD, Distinguished Engineer
Cisco Systems
Dale McHerron
Sr. Manager, Heterogeneous Integration & Process Strategy
IBM Research
Bill Bottoms, PhD
PhD, President and CEO, Third Millennium Test Solutions
Co-Chair, Heterogeneous Integration Roadmap Committee
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