SOI Industry Consortium Workshop

Moscone South, Room 301 Wednesday, July 10
1:00pm to 4:30pm

IoT means many things to many people but everyone agrees it’s here and growing quickly.  IoT, including machine learning and movement to the edge, is fueling innovation as the high compute and ultra-low energy requirements are pushing technology to deliver on these needs.  The well-known characteristics defining IoT of “Sense”, “Compute”, and “Act” put additional burden on technology to full these requirements across a variety of use cases and environments without sacrificing reliability or quality.  All the various forms of SOI technology from Fully-Depleted SOI to High-Voltage to RF-SOI, are uniquely situated to deliver on the promise of today’s as well as tomorrow’s IoT roadmap.  The supply chain for all forms of SOI technology is in place.  This workshop will discuss the current and future solutions from a supply chain perspective.

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