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The SEMICON WEST MedTech pavilion is an opportunity for companies in the electronics supply chain and product developers in medical technology to showcase their capabilities in this rapidly changing and growing field. From components, devices, and communications to machine learning, diagnostics, and IT systems, semiconductor electronics play a vital role in enabling new applications and health care solutions. MEMS and sensors are playing an increasingly important role as we move rapidly towards personal and at home patient care. So too are flexible and printed electronic solutions for small form-factors, lightweight and unobtrusive mobile applications. Innovation and commercial deployment of these technologies in recent years are providing the tipping point now for the realization of smart medical devices and services that will revolutionize healthcare.

Exhibits from materials providers, device manufacturers, and system integrators populate the pavilion. Subject matter experts will share their insight into early adoption trends, marketing forecasts, and the electronic transformation of healthcare.


Share Your Expertise in the Smart MedTech Meet the Experts Theater

Submit your application for the opportunity to introduce your company’s leading edge or soon-to-be-released products to an audience of experts from all segments of the supply chain. SEMICON West and the Smart MedTech Pavilion will foster collaboration in the manufacturing ecosystem including materials, equipment, services, and devices, especially the sensors and sensor systems. We're looking for new, and innovative product and application demos. There are limited speaker and demo opportunities so please submit your application today. 


Novel Materials and Enabling Technology

Advancements in materials are opening the doors to advanced devices in the Medical Technology arena. Enablers in nano-materials, new dielectrics, printed organics, and ultra-thin wafer technology to name just a few are enabling breakthrough capabilities in sensitivity, flexibility, and mobility. This session will showcase new and emerging materials in the Smart MedTech supply chain.

Fabrication, Functionalization, and Intersection:  MedTech Equipment Sets

From silicon-based MEMS to additive manufacturing processes for flexible electronics, high throughput, reliable fabrication tools are essential for robust device and system manufacturing. Processes employing breakthrough new materials and the intersection of semiconductor fabrication and biochemical functionalization are bringing to bear new challenges and opportunities for tool makers. This session will showcase advanced processing and manufacturing tools for Smart MedTech.

Advanced Processing Tools and Manufacturing​

As medical technology devices become wireless and more compact, sophisticated manufacturing techniques similar to those employed in the microelectronics industry are emerging. Medical devices with the compact, high performance design of top-end consumer wearables, but with extraordinary reliability and clinical accuracy are emerging. This session will showcase new capabilities in the manufacturing arena for clinical tools, tele-med devices, and sensors that promise an advanced and robust supply chain for the medical device market.

Sensors and Connectivity in Medical Devices​

With the IoT of everything, medical devices are no less impacted than autonomous vehicles or consumer devices. Ubiquitous use of sensors and wireless connectivity, robust mobile operation, and the use of artificial intelligent systems to handle profuse amounts of data are common challenges and opportunities. This session will showcase how medical devices are advancing to bring value to the new era of electronics.

Putting it All Together:  Sensor Fusion, HMI, and Environment​

Integration of the elements of a smart sensor system and the management of power efficiency and signal-to-noise presents unique challenges in the Smart MedTech market. Contextual awareness in biochemical systems utilizing a multiplicity of sensors is necessary. And the human-to-machine interface often strays from the conventional audio or display. This session will showcase advancements and unique system considerations for Smart MedTech.

Breakthrough Applications in Healthcare​

The healthcare revolution is marching toward outcome-based, decentralized healthcare, personalized medicine, and a medical community connected like never before. Applications will include telemedicine, the monitoring or cognitive health and treatment response, as well as daily wellness or athletic condition. These application spaces may employ wearable biochemical sensing devices, point-of-care diagnostics, and emergency medical techniques that improve the efficacy of medical professionals across the spectrum of care. This session will explore some of these breakthrough applications and how it will change the way we experience healthcare in the future.

Smart MedTech Demo Application Deadline for submission: April 19.

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