Short-Term: Downturn! Long-Term: Change!

Monday, July 08
3:55pm to 4:25pm

The semiconductor industry is in the earlier stage of a downturn that Objective Analysis has predicted will be of greater depth and duration than even the 1996 market collapse.  Meanwhile phenomenal changes are entering the market, promising that the industry will be very different exiting this downturn than it was going in.  In this presentation analyst Jim Handy will explain the reasons behind the current downturn and will show how and why it will be more severe than most, while he also explores changes to semiconductor processes, chip architecture, end markets and geographic focus to predict that the business will be a very different entity in 5 years than it is today.  Attendees are forewarned that this presentation will provide a rapid-fire onslaught of valuable information proving that certain outcomes are nearly inevitable.

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