MedTech Pavilion: Measurement and Action — Sensors, Ubiquitous Connectivity and Breakthrough Applications in Healthcare

Smart MedTech Pavilion, North Hall Tuesday, July 09
1:30pm to 4:30pm

The internet of everything has moved beyond consumer electronics (gaming, smart home) and autonomous transportation into healthcare.  Medicine has become decentralized, personalized, and outcome based. Never has healthcare been more customer-centric and or the medical community more connected; sensors, wireless connectivity, robust mobile operation and the use of intelligent systems to store, secure, and analyze huge amounts of data are expanding the medical technology ecosystem.  Nascent applications include telemedicine, remote monitoring of cognitive health and treatment response, daily wellness, athletic performance, and early-stage disease detection. These application spaces employ wearable biochemical sensing devices, point-of-care diagnostics, and emergency medical techniques that improve the efficacy of medical professionals across the spectrum of care. This session will explore some of these innovative applications, the sensors, and devices that enable them, and how their integration will change the way we experience healthcare in the future.

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