Risk management in the age of digital manufacturing / IIoT

Smart Manufacturing Pavilion Wednesday, July 10
11:00am to 11:30am

As safety regulations struggle to keep up with technology developments of smart manufacturing, a safety architecture which observes and considers the complete safety (and security) chain in a life -cycle perspec-tive becomes of vital importance to manage risk. Based on technology and regulatory trends, as well as learnings from a German pilot line for modular machinery, this presentation highlights crucial require-ments for “Risk Assessment 4.0” and introduces pragmatic solutions for a safe transition to smart manu-facturing. 

1)    From static safety rules to digital twin engineering: Risk management 4.0 
•    Which factors impact IIoT safety?
-    Digital twin / including the feedback loop down to the shop floor
-    New interfaces through vertical, horizontal and product integration
-    Real-time connectivity for software-defined manufacturing (Cloud, AI, 5G..)
-    Interoperability for plug & produce and for autonomous production modules

•    Safety and security life cycles for connected products 
-    Regulatory requirements (Machinery and robotic safety requirements from production pro-cess down to machine and product including IT-Security acc. to IEC 62443)
-    Industry 4.0 risk assessment is becoming a continuum (safety, interoperability, security)

2)    Runtime safety of modular machines: Production scenarios and pilot learnings
•    Operating performance (AGVs and cobots)
-    Risk evaluation on request 
-    Safety and security profiles / safety semantic

•    Learnings from a pilot manufacturing line demonstration
-    German pilot manufacturing line SmartFactoryKL (plug & play)
-    Adaptive safety concept for modular certification

3)    Safe transition to smart manufacturing: Step-by-step solutions
•    Cloud platform for risk & safety management (mCom ONE) 
-    Digital machinery compliance management tool
-    Outlook: risk & safety management cloud platform which suppliers, integrators and factory operators to seamlessly integrate compliance for assets (machines & infrastructure) into the digital twin based end to end business processes

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