Adoption Challenges for Remote Connections to Customers Networks for IoT and Other Data

Smart Manufacturing Pavilion Wednesday, July 10
10:30am to 11:00am

Tokyo Electron Limited (TEL) is a leading equipment supplier to Semiconductor and Flat Panel Display markets. As with any complex electromechanical system, TEL’s equipment collects massive amounts of real time data, with sub-second resolution, through integrated and external sensors. Historically, this data is only available locally and only a few months of data is available. Advances in IOT, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and cloud computing are enabling TEL to provide better products, applications and services to its customers. However, to most effectively leverage these technologies, access to more data that can be obtained in our labs, or in joint developments with a few specific customers, is required. Most customers, at first, are reluctant to allow the remote connection of their tools to enable monitoring of their equipment. Andrew Seward’s presentation will focus on the solutions and strategies developed to overcome the hurdles of remotely connecting to tools and collecting data through the cloud-based TELeMetrics solution. 

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