KEYNOTE The Future of Computing: Bits + Neurons + Qbits

Blue Shield of California Theater at YBCA Wednesday, July 10
9:35am to 10:05am

As the pace of change accelerates, the future is arriving faster than ever before. Information technology is the engine of this change and will continue to drive new opportunities for innovation at every level -- from materials to devices to systems -- in the decades to come. While bits and their underlying mathematics have been the foundation of digital systems for half a century, emerging workloads and computing challenges require new approaches in the decades to come.

Infusing computer science with neuroscience, AI has already achieved superhuman accuracy in narrow classification tasks by learning from labelled data. In the future, AI will broaden to better intuit context, time and predictive insights directly from the physical world. And new kinds of hardware will be required to provide the neurons that drive these broad AI systems.

Combining physics and computer science, the emerging field of quantum computing draws on quantum bits or qubits. Quantum computing holds the potential to solve problems which even the most powerful classical computers cannot. From financial systems optimization to chemical simulations, qubits will gain clear advantages over bits in the future.

The future of computing will look fundamentally different than it has in the past. Computing engines will be fueled by bits, neurons and qubits, working in concert through a secure, hybrid cloud with intelligent, automated programming. Find out how and when we might get there.

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