Keynote: Brian McCarson, Intel, Extracting Business Value Across all Phases of the IoT

Tuesday, July 11 10:35am

The Internet of Things is transforming the way we do business and the way we live our lives.   But this IoT transformation is an evolution, represented by three distinct phases: connecting the unconnected, creating smart and connected things, and building a software-defined autonomous world.  With an estimated 85% of devices still unconnected, we have a tremendous opportunity to accelerate major technology breakthroughs and innovations that accelerate this evolution across the phases in a variety of market segments. As solutions in the market progress through the three phases of IoT, new ways to extract business value will be found at all points from sensors and actuators all the way through the cloud. Our challenge as technologists and domain experts is to find new ways to identify actionable insights. 

Join Intel’s, Brian McCarson, Chief Technology Officer of IoT Strategy and Senior Principal Engineer, for a deeper dive into the 3 phases of IoT.  Brian will take a look at some of the new data sources being created, describe how that data is turned into intelligence, outline where the key technology advancements are emerging and discuss how business value is being extracted across all three phases.

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