What's Next for the MEMS Industry?

Tuesday, July 11 10:35am

The Mems market is expected to have a strong growth of 14% for the next 5 years, fueled by the existing growing markets for sensors in mobile phones, cars and autonomous cars, smart homes and buildings, IoT and IIoT module, highlighting the diffusion of sensors in all parts of our life and in the industry, surfing on all the mega trends. In addition to this increase of existing sensor applications, several key markets will drive to new heights the Mems industry: 5G will only be implemented by the use of multiple RF Mems filters, with markets expected with more than 20% growth for the next 5 years.

In addition to that, Mems devices are taking full benefit of the evolution of the several industries that are moving to a more module approach: imaging industry moving to dual camera and 3D imaging driving the image stabilization needs and integration of multiple other Mems devices, introduction of silicon micro-speakers driving the increased importance of the audio function as a whole (with integration of microphone and audio IC to provide higher functions at the module level), environmental sensing being more and more expected…

The presentation will provide a status of the Mems industry, including manufacturing capabilities, the trend for more data processing as close as possible to the sensor, the strategy of the main players in front of these evolutions… based on Yole Développement latest analysis and reports.

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