Rupert Perera, PhD

EUV Tech

Rupert C. C. Perera received M.Sc. and Ph.D. from University of Hawaii, Honolulu in 1974 and 1978 respectively and his MBA from Golden Gate University, San Francisco in 2000.  In 1999, he founded EUV Tech, the world's leading manufacturer of EUV metrology equipment for the semiconductor industry.

He obtained a Ph.D. in physics, working under Professor Burton Henke, a pioneer in the development and application of EUV, previously known as ultra-soft x-rays. His thesis work was based on the application and development of EUV spectroscopy for chemical analysis and multilayers. 

In 1984, he joined the Center for X-ray Optics at Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory, Berkeley, CA where he has specialized in design and construction of soft x-ray/VUV beam-lines and monochromators, thin film and multilayer fabrication and characterization, x-ray and EUV optics. He is a pioneering contributor to the advancement of EUV metrology products.

Dr. Perera is the author or co-author of over 200 papers on EUV optics and EUV spectroscopy and several patents. He has served as the guest editor of Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research, Vol. A291, Nos. 1, 2. He has also organized several workshops and seminars on the application of EUV and synchrotron radiation.

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