Enabling Better MEMS from Concept to High Volume Production

TechTALKS Stage South Thursday, July 11
11:50am to 12:15pm

Faster time to market, improved device yield and increased productivity in high volume manufacturing are becoming increasingly critical requirements for MEMS manufacturers. Lam Research is unique in being able to support these requirements by offering a broad range of modelling and production proven process technologies

At the very start of the MEMS development process, Lam’s Coventor team offers a unique and powerful platform for MEMS design, simulation, verification and process modeling. This platform addresses MEMS-specific engineering challenges such as multi-physics interactions, process variations, MEMS + IC integration, and MEMS + package interaction. Using these tools, engineers can model and simulate device behavior and interactions before committing to actual fabrication. In a few hours or days, they can model or simulate effects that would have taken months of building and testing in the fab.

Then, Lam can support the ramp of proven designs into high volume products by offering a range of MEMS specific deposition, etch and clean solutions that draw on our advanced CMOS fabrication capabilities to deliver best in class MEMS manufacturing performance.

In this presentation we will discuss both these key aspects of realizing new MEMS products.

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