Aviv Elor

Student, Researcher, Assistive Sociotechnical Solutions for Individuals with Special needs using Technology (ASSIST) Lab
Jack Baskin School of Engineering, University of California, Santa Cruz

My life has led me through an journey of varying experiences such as optimizing autonomous drones with NASA Researchers, working security for Super Bowl 50, creating efficient traffic management systems, assembling high voltage electric car circuits, coaching K-8 judo, fiddling around with robotic exosuits, building robotic doggos, designing interactive virtual environments with Warner Bros/Walt Disney Imagineering/Google, and breaking my own reality with virtual & augmented worlds. After tearing my elbow in an international judo match and undergoing reconstructive surgery, I became a passionate developer for assistive technology and personalized experiences.

My research explores Virtual Reality for therapy and personalized experiences through combining immersive environments, wearable robotics, and affective biometric feedback. I partner with members and organizations of my local community to understand needs and involve patients and therapists in the designing and testing of my work. Currently, I have had the opportunity to become a published ACM and IEEE author in this research area, as well as learn from organizations like the National Institute of Health, Walt Disney Imagineering, Warner Bros Entertainment, Google Daydream + Cloud, and Valent Power.

I enjoy growing my skills, learning new concepts, and applying them in creative ways to develop fascinating experiences that make a difference in people’s lives. My interests are in human-computer interaction, immersive media, robotics, affective computing, user experience, and emerging technologies. I welcome new opportunities as well as collaborations and invite those interested to reach out to me.

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