Why Standards?

SEMI Standards play a critical role in the success and growth of the global microelectronics industry. Standards make equipment, fabs, and the industry fit together and work together by ensuring interoperability of equipment and components, material conformance, and safe and sustainable manufacturing practices and facilities. From sand to system, SEMI Standards touch and influence every step in the production of today’s microelectronics. 

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2018 Event Calendar

Connect to make things work together! Join the SEMI International Standards Program and keep up-to-date with our upcoming events.

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Become a Member

SEMI Standards development activities take place throughout the year in all major manufacturing regions. Ensure your company influences the development of Standards critical to the industry. Get involved and become a SEMI Standards Program Member today. 

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2018 Program Catalog

Meeting Schedule

This meeting set will host 14 committees and over 65 task forces engaged in various standardization activities including: Environmental, Health, and Safety; Factory Automation Hardware and Software; Facilities; Gases and Liquid Chemicals; High Brightness LED (HB-LED); MEMS/NEMS; Microlithography; Photovoltaic; Silicon Wafer; 3D Packaging and Integration; and Traceability.

Agenda Coming Soon

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