Gerald Yin, PhD


Dr. Gerald Yin has served as AMEC’s chairman and CEO since the company was founded in 2004. AMEC is an Asia-based semi equipment company with headquarters in Shanghai China and also have application, manufacturing, business and support operations in Taiwan, Japan, Korea and Singapore. After 13 years effort, AMEC becomes the leading semi high end equipment company in China,a rising star in the world wide semi equipment industry with its plasma etch and MOCVD products running production at more than 40 wafer fabs globally and maintaining more than 30% annual growth rate。

Gerald spent 20 years working in Silicon Valley from 1984 to 2004. He first worked for Intel Central TD and later associated with Lam Research where he led to develop the successful Rainbow oxide etcher and initiated early Inductively Coupled Plasma (ICP) technology development. Later on this ICP technology became the most popular plasma etch equipment solution in the industry. He helped Lam Research to become the etch equipment market leader

Gerald joined Applied Materials (AMAT) in 1991, served for more than 13 years at different executive positions including corporate vice present, general manager of etch product business group, and CTO of Applied Materials Asia. . Gerald led to develop a series of successful plasma etchers including DPS Metal etcher, DPS silicon etcher and other etchers so to help AMAT regain the etch market leader position.

Gerald received BS from University of Science and Technology, China and he pursued graduate study in Physical Chemistry at Beijing University.  He received Ph. D. in Physical Chemistry from University of California (UCLA). He is the inventor of 86 US patents and more than 200 foreign patents.

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