Dana Gharda

Global University Recruiting and Programs
Lam Research

Dana Gharda is the Lam Research Director of the Global University Recruiting and Programs.  She joined Lam in 2015 to develop and launch the New College Graduate Rotation Program for master’s and PhD level engineers. She is now also responsible for the global university recruiting strategy as well as the intern and new college graduate programs. In addition, Dana leads the diversity recruiting strategy and is a member of Lam’s Inclusion and Diversity Core Team, where she supports the company’s overall I&D strategy.
Dana has close to 20 years of experience in university relations strategy and program development in the semiconductor industry as well as in biotechnology and ecommerce.  Her past experience includes working with entry level hires in engineering and manufacturing roles at Applied Materials and MBA students at Genentech.  Prior to joining Lam, Dana was responsible for building the university relations strategy and intern program at Walmart eCommerce.
Dana has an undergraduate degree in communications from the University of New Mexico. She is an active member of the Workforce Development and Diversity & Inclusion Committees with the SEMI Foundation. 

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