Silicon Innovation Forum

Silicon Innovation Forum  - New solutions, New partnerships and New resources.

A Showcase of Startups, Investors and Research Innovators. The Silicon Innovation Forum is a one and a half day program that highlights the innovators of tomorrow including exciting new startup companies, investors and breakthrough research groups.

Day one (startup day) attendees will hear from startup CEO, a luminary keynote, strategic investors, and incentive programs available such as the National Science Foundation (NSF) SBIR program.

Day two (research day) is equally exciting where leading research innovators from top universities, research labs and federal technology agencies from around the world will present advanced research activities, strategic partnering options, intellectual property solutions and technology standards.

Visit the startups and research groups presenting at the Silicon Innovation Forum at the Innovation Village exposition.  Segments include the Startup Showcase and Research Park.

Silicon Innovation Keynote Speaker

Tuesday, July 12
Innovation and IoT Theater


Conor Madigan, Ph.D.
President and COO,



Tuesday, July 12


Silicon Innovation Forum: Startups & New Ventures 



Welcome and Introductions




Opening Keynote: Dr. Conor Madigan, Kateeva



Start-Ups and New Ventures Presentations, Part 1



10:35–11:15am Dr. Conor Madigan, Kateeva


Debasis Majumdar, NSF



Ronn Kliger, Uniqarta



Corey FucetolaMIT



Craig Green, Carbice Nanotechnologies



Shiva PlanjeryCodelucida



Ruth Ann MullenEtaphase



Steve YamamotoMatrix Sensors



Oliver GunasekaraNGCodec



Kenneth BradleyPixelEXX


12:30pm - 2:00pm



2:00 –3:05pm

Start-Ups and New Ventures Presentations, Part 2:


2:00 –2:08pm

Jacob Richardson, Solution Deposition Systems


2:08 –2:16pm

Takanori WashiroeNFC Inc


2:16 –2:24pm

Gilles HamouUPMEM


2:24 –2:32pm

Ravi Gukathasan, Digital Specialty Chemicals


2:32 –2:40pm

Roland van VlietNearfield Instruments


2:40 –2:48pm

Stefan MuellerFMC, The Ferroelectric Memory Company


2:48 –2:56pm

Leo MathewApplied Novel Devices, Inc


2:56 –3:04pm

David GriersonsysteMECH LLC









SIF Panel Session

  • Moderator:  Robert Maire, Semiconductor Advisors

  • Pulakesh Mukherjee, BASF Venture Capital 
  • Tony Chao, Applied Ventures

  • Gary Bultman, Lam Research 

  • Andrew Kau, Walden Ventures 

  • Connor Madigan, Kateeva 

  • Sujatha Ramanujan, Intrinsiq Materials 



SIF Session Q&A, Awards and Closing Remarks



INNOVATE Reception: Startups & Innovators Mixer (Invitation Only)

Location: Moscone, North Hall, Innovation Village (Research & Science Park)


Innovation Village attendees will gain key insights into new technologies and products, advanced research solutions, investment opportunities, as well as technology transfer and partnerships opportunities. Meet exciting startup companies and top research institutions/organizations. Here are a few of the topics covered this year at our upcoming SIF startup showcase:

  • OLED TECHNOLOGY UNLEASHED: Let the  flexible product revolution BEGIN!

  • “Semiconductors of Light”: The Next Generation

  • A Chemical Sensor on a Chip for IoT

  • High-Throughput, Parallel Atomic Force Microscopy

  • Thin Crystalline Technology

  • Direct transfer printing tools for flexible hybrid electronics assembly

 All right here in the Innovation Village.

The Innovation Village is strategically co-located next to the Silicon Innovation Forum, a two-segment startup and research-focused conference. 

Hear presentations from start up companies seeking investment capital.  Examples of exciting new technologies presented at last year’s event:

  • Silicon thermo-electronic technology enabling wearable devices to operate using energy from body heat

  • Low cost, 3D printing technology for mass production

  • CMP slurries with nano-sized contact release capsules to enable planarization of high aspect ratio structures

  • Power management IC technology with reduced footprint and thickness

  • Sensors on Silicon Germanium capable of detecting a broader range of the IR spectrum

  • Radically new, biomedical applications for semiconductor technology

Investor Committee

  • Afarin O Bellisario, MIT

  • Sean Doyle, Intel Capital

  • Matt Freeman, Micron Ventures

  • Steve Hahn, Dow Ventures

  • Tetsuo Hirose, TEL Venture Capital

  • Joseph Jeong, Applied Ventures

  • Dong-Su Kim, SISA, Samsung Ventures

  • Steven Konsek, NSF

  • Ray Morgan, SEMI

  • Pulakesh Mukherjee, BASF Ventures



    Wednesday, July 13

    10:15–12:55 pm

    Silicon Innovation Forum: Research and Science Park



    10:15–10:30 am

    David Horsley, UC Berkeley Sensor and Actuator Center


    10:30–10:45 am

    Dr. Adam Stieg, UCLA California NanoSystems Institute 


    10:45–11:00 am

    Dr. Tetsuo EndohTohoku University, Center for Innovative Integrated Electronic Systems


    11:00–11:15 am

    David SeilerNational Institute of Standards and Technology


    11:15–11:30 am

    Deirdre Olynick, Lawrence Berkeley National Labs


    11:30–11:45 am

    Dr. Alice LiCornell IP



    11:45–12:00 pm

    Gary Bernstein, Notre Dame, NDNano


    12:00–12:15 pm

    Dr. John F. MuthNC State Univesity, Power America Institute


    12:15–12:30 pm

    Dr. Ogura, Osaka University


    12:30–12:45 pm

    Janos VeresPalo Alto Research Center 


    12:45–12:55 pm

    Closing Remarks




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