SEMI Announces Edwards as the Winner of the SEMICON West 2011 Sustainable Technologies Award

SEMI is pleased to announce that the winner of the 2011 SEMICON West Sustainable Technologies Award is Edwards for their technology, "EZENITH with ecoLink".
Edward's EZENITH with ecoLink combines abatement and vacuum pumping systems into a single solution providing environmental benefits, space saving, small footprint, centralized controls and speed of install. More specifically, EZENITH with ecoLink incorporates state of the art iGX and iXH dry vacuum pumps, and the latest Atlas abatement equipment. The ecoLink technology provides an interface between the host control system, the process tool and the integrated system. This enables energy saving idle modes which reduce the carbon footprint of the integrated system, as well as its operating costs. More information about EZENITH with ecoLink is located here.
A number of Award nomination packets were officially submitted to the SEMI EHS Division in the months prior to SEMICON West. Only two technologies were deemed good enough to to be considered award finalists.
Besides Edwards, Tokyo Electron's TELINDY PLUS Thermal Processing System was also deemed to be a finalist. TELINDY PLUS Thermal Processing System is a heaterless technology that significantly reduces the environmental impact of manufacturing processes that rely on ALD-SiO2. The system enables the formation of ALD-SiO2 film at room temperature through generation of oxygen radical without significantly impacting photoresist or BARC film. The technology simplifies the important process step, resulting in reductions of energy use and gas consumption. The system does not need cooling water  and can reduce thermal exhaust energy by 50% and electric power use by 80% in comparison to a traditional furnace system. Additional benefits include lower CO2 emission. More information about the TELINDY PLUS Thermal Processing System is located here.
Both finalists were honored at the Global Care Lunch, which took place on Tuesday, July 12 at SEMICON West. The winner was formally announced at the SEMICON West TechXPOT on Wednesday, July 13.
The Award is open to any SEMICON West 2011 exhibitor of equipment, materials or services. Entry is open to exhibitors of commercially available equipment, materials or services that have been introduced into the market within the last 3 years. There are no entry fees.
The evaluation process includes, but is not limited to, an assessment and substantiation of the criteria. Due to the wide variety of technologies that can be considered, a technology does not need to meet each and every criterion. Selection criteria include:
- Is the technology commercially viable, and does it provide a positive environmental impact clearly beyond standard techniques or regulatory compliance?
- Have the environmental benefits achieved by the technology been validated through a lifecycle analysis?
- Does the technology improve, protect or make a significant contribution to the sustainable use of natural resources?
- Is there documented validation that the sustainability improvements provided by the equipment, material or service is viable, and that improvement goals are realistic.
- Is there quantifiable data available, baselined to a sustainable metric (energy, water, waste, etc.)? Are metrics normalized or absolute?
- Does the equipment, material or service contribute to lasting sustainable improvement of the environment?
For more information about the Sustainable Technologies Award, please contact Sanjay Baliga (SEMI Senior Manager in San Jose) at


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