Driving in 2025

Smart Transportation Pavilion Tuesday, July 09
3:35pm to 4:05pm

1.    Major year keywords (in 2005, 2015, 2025).
2.    Description of year 2025 (with 60%+ probability by institute).
3.    Required hardware for autonomous driving:
a) drive computer (showing what's inside)
b) front watch solution (showing what's inside)
c) side/rear watch solution (showing what's inside)
d) communication device (showing what's inside)
e) roadside infrastructure (showing what's inside)
4.    Where will it happen first?
a) fully autonomous: airport & construction site
b) partially autonomous: highway
5.    Challenges:
a) data traffic
b) human is unpredictable
6.    Understanding latest car electronics:
If there is a time left, I would like to share our 2nd car teardown project on Tesla Model 3.

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