Session 4.2: No Escape: Key Trends Driving the Need for More System-Level Test

Thursday, July 13 2:50pm

Decades of advances in the semiconductor industry continue to drive an insatiable consumer demand for smaller and more powerful devices – whether in our cars, homes, or consumer electronics.  To meet this demand, the fabrication of increasingly complex semiconductor systems is scaling accordingly.  Testing methodologies must continue to evolve to address this emerging complexity and comprehensively evaluate devices under test (DUTs) for defects that appear in real-world conditions, with minimal impact in terms of time and cost.  As customer demand approaches zero-defect shipments, a new paradigm for quality control that also satisfies the manufacturing needs must be adopted. That paradigm is System-Level Test (SLT).    This presentation will summarize some of the key technological trends that are driving a higher need for massively parallel System-Level Test.

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