Guest Speaker: 5G Heterogeneous Networks and Implications on RF IC Test

Wednesday, July 12 2:30pm

5G in its widest definition promises the convergence of local and wide area networks for seamless reliable, low latency and high-throughput connectivity. Heterogeneous networks will include 4G, 4G LTE, and 5G macro cells in the low frequency bands; 5G small cells and Wi-Fi in both the low frequency and mmWave bands, as well as fiber and device-to-device communications. This paper provides an overview of the 5G heterogeneous network components, their characteristics, and the resulting use cases possible, and the implications on RF IC test. From an RF IC test perspective, it means that band-specific modular instrument architectures will be required to address a variety of frequency bands and higher bandwidths; advanced contacted signal delivery techniques for wafer probe and package test will be required; and even possibly radiated signal delivery techniques for handler package test may be needed.

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