TechTALK: New Architectures to Enable the Intelligent Future

TechTALKS Stage South Wednesday, July 10
10:30am to 12:40pm

Current architectures using 2D packaging and interposer-based solutions may not be sufficient for future high-performance, high-data-bandwidth applications like Artifical Intelligence.  A variety of new ideas like monolithic or nre-monolithic 3D, in-memory processing, neuromorphic and quantum architectures are being studied.  This session presents some of these exciting ideas. 2.5D is today’s best solution, but a “true 3D” system combining logic and memory may be needed for the next quantum leap of performance, particularly for future IoT/AI applications.

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Carey Kloss
VP Artificial Intelligence Products Group, and General Manager of Artificial Intelligence Hardware
Bill Dally, PhD
Chief Scientist and SVP of Research
Greg Atwood
Senior Fellow, Process R&D
Jeff Burns
Client Success Manager, IBM Security
Kirk Bresniker
Chief Architect, Fellow, VP
Hewlett Packard Labs
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