Power and Vision Enable Intelligent Driving Capabilities

TechTALKS Stage North Wednesday, July 10
10:35am to 11:05am

Semiconductors are the key enablers for cars to truly become “auto-mobiles”: self driving, and likely battery powered, intelligent edge computers on wheels. All "intelligence" will be implemented using semiconductors. Image sensors, Lidar and Radar devices, provide vision in all directions. Using information from the surrounding infrastructure and the cloud, decisions can be made and communicated in real time. High voltage, high power devices in turn will enable the physical actuation of large and small electro-motors.

In this talk we will first review the unique challenges on image sensors in the automotive world, and present possible improvements in pixel capabilities and system architecture. Also, the capabilities of lidar and radar will be reviewed.  Next, we discuss the promise of Wide Band Gap materials like SiC and GaN, and their integration into ever denser and more thermally efficient power modules. Finally, an overview of system design methodologies like functional safety and design for reliability are essential to realize a cost effective high volume product.

Autonomous vehicles may not be possible without AI, and in turn autonomous cars will accelerate the power of AI.

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