The Criticality of Sub-components Utilized for Next-Generation High-Volume Manufacturing

Tuesday, July 11 11:15am

 As the industry prepares for sub-10nm high-volume manufacturing, defects introduced by process-critical original equipment manufacturer (OEM) components affect final wafer quality that results in lower yields and higher manufacturing costs. For such a major issue that affects the entire semiconductor manufacturing supply chain, there is an even greater urgency for pre-competitive collaboration among key industry stakeholders. To date, there is no industry alignment on how defects are measured on various components and sub-components and on how these results are reported. Furthermore, when yield excursions take place, they often take too long and often with a challenged view of the supply chain. With a growing appreciation on the need for atomic precision process controls, the industry is taking meaningful strides to address these critical issues. One such effort, is being driven under the SEMI SCIS (Semiconductor Components, Instruments, and Subsystems) Special Interest Group (SIG). This SEMI SIG is establishing a framework that will enable industry partners to define or update industrial standards on what to measure and how to measure for key parameters. SCIS focuses on establishing a baseline methodology for measuring defects introduced by process critical components. 

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