Smart Transportation Pavilion, Meet the Experts Theater: Connected Car to Connected World – The Road to Monetization

Moscone North, Smart Transportation Pavilion, Meet the Experts Theater Thursday, July 12
1:30pm to 4:00pm

“Connected Car” to a “Connected World” opens up a vast new landscape of opportunities for the entire ecosystem and supply chain. There are many challenges that will need to be explored and overcome.  Will the ecosystem be able to provide solutions and services fast enough to enable seamless and secure communicate with other vehicles, smart cites infrastructures, cloud services and other IoT enabled nodes in the network? 

If so, how will these companies be able to monetize their technology investments within a Connected World and is their current business models going to be able to compete effectively against all the disruptor innovations that emerge as a part of overcoming the challenges ahead?

 A Partner Program with SAE

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